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2 Carat Moissanite Floral 925 Sterling Silver with Platinum Plating

2 Carat Moissanite Floral 925 Sterling Silver with Platinum Plating

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Elevate your style with our stunning 925 sterling silver and platinum-plated ring featuring a delicate touch of floral and a captivating sparkle. Crafted with care, this modern minimalist design showcases a 2-carat moissanite stone, radiating elegance and brilliance. Perfect for those who appreciate minimalist sophistication, this ring exudes timeless beauty. Accentuated with zircon stones for added allure, its flat lay presentation captures its minimalist charm effortlessly. Shop now and add a touch of understated luxury to your collection.

"Indulge in the latest jewelry trends with our exquisite 925 sterling silver and platinum-plated ring, adorned with a touch of floral elegance. As moissanite continues to gain popularity as a stunning diamond alternative, this ring offers a sustainable and budget-friendly option without compromising on beauty or quality. Whether you're searching for the perfect engagement ring or a statement piece for everyday wear, our ring promises to captivate with its minimalist design and timeless appeal."


D color/clarity and grade VVS/VVS1

Base: 925 silver with platinum-plating

Stone: 2 carat moissanite


*9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale

*Carbon based

*10% more light reflection

*Double refractive

*Sustainable, lab replicated 100% gemstone

This a quality natural gemstone and diamond alternative used in jewelry and is a diamond alternative. The jewelry is handcrafted and luxurious with high-quality, affordable, and timeless anniversary, engagement, and promise rings. It is a symbol of love, fashioned for modern sophistication, and available in eye-catching beauty and sensational brilliance.

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