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Stardust Diamonds

Shimmer in Royalty: Exquisite .5 Carat Princess Crown Ring in White Gold

Shimmer in Royalty: Exquisite .5 Carat Princess Crown Ring in White Gold

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                                          Better than diamond.

Introducing our exquisite .5 carat main stone white gold princess crown ring, a captivating piece of jewelry meticulously crafted with sustainable, lab-created moissanite.

 We showcase the finest moissanite jewelry collections that offer a brilliant alternative to conventional diamond accessories. Our expertise in creating unique moissanite designs ensures a luxurious and affordable option for your jewelry collection.

With our moissanite rings, including engagement rings, wedding bands, and bridal sets, you can revel in the beauty of conflict-free and eco-friendly moissanite gemstones. Ethically sourced and certified, our moissanite gemstones possess all the same stunning qualities as natural diamonds without breaking the bank.

Crafted with precision and care, our handcrafted moissanite jewelry showcases modern designs that blend seamlessly with any fashion style. Our timeless pieces offer a striking balance of vintage elegance and contemporary charm, making them perfect for special occasions and everyday wear alike.

Featuring moissanite gemstone properties that rival those of diamonds, our collection promises a sparkle that will leave a lasting impression. In fact, moissanite is renowned for its exceptional brilliance, surpassing the traditional diamond in terms of fire and brilliance. 

Whether you're looking to treat yourself or surprise a loved one, our stylish moissanite jewelry is the ideal choice for anniversary gifts. With their unmatched beauty and eye-catching appeal, our moissanite jewelry pieces are sure to make a statement.

 Indulge in the allure of luxury moissanite jewelry that remains in trend year after year. Our educated team stays on top of moissanite jewelry trends, ensuring our collection always offers the best moissanite jewelry available.

Immerse yourself in the world of sustainable luxury with our enchanting moissanite selection. With its exceptional quality and affordability, our moissanite jewelry embodies the perfect blend of elegance and conscience.

Discover the unmatched sophistication of moissanite jewelry today and experience the brilliance of these timeless moissanite pieces firsthand. Shop now and embrace the sustainable beauty and unique allure that only moissanite can offer!

All of our moissanite is D color/clarity and grade VVS/VVS1

Base: 925 silver with white gold plating

Main stone: .5 carat moissanite

Qualities of moissanite:


*9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale

*Carbon based

*10% more light reflection

*Double refractive

*Sustainable, lab replicated 100% gemstone

This a quality natural gemstone and diamond alternative used in jewelry and is a diamond alternative. The jewelry is handcrafted and luxurious with high-quality, affordable, and timeless anniversary, engagement, and promise rings. It is a symbol of love, fashioned for modern sophistication, and available in eye-catching beauty and sensational brilliance.

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